Frequently asked questions

    Where can I buy Gadikat products?

    Residents in selected countries can buy all of Gadikat products in our online store. All our products are also available on with exceptional ratings from moms.

    How do I clean my Gadikat bag?

    All bags are recommended to be spot cleaned with a damp cloth or hand washed. Use mild detergent and lay flat to air dry. Do not tumble dry. Care instructions can be found on the inner tag of each item. Feel free to contact us if you need further assistance.

    How can I clean the Diaper Changing Pad?

    For the ones without magnetic button, washing wash is fine. For the larger ones with magnetic button, clean with wet cloth or hand wash only.

    Can I get a replacement strap, changing pad or accessories?

    Yes, certainly! We provide replacement for any accessory that has manufacturing defect or ones that simply doesn’t last as long as expected. For any replacement parts please contact us at

    Do you offer gift wrapping, gift cards or gift certificates?

    We love a pretty package, too, but unfortunately we don’t offer gift wrapping at this time. We also do not offer gift certificates or gift cards, though we are working on it!

    How do I return a bag?

    Please contact us at Our friendly staffs are also more than happy to assist you with this.

    Will Gadikat ever share my personal information?

    We take your privacy SERIOUSLY and will take all measures to protect your personal information.

    We only collect information that we need that is related to your order. Your information is only used to fill your order. We do not sell or redistribute your information to ANYONE.

    Your email is collected for us to send you order confirmation and update you about our occasional activities such as giveaways and discounts. You may opt out anytime if you wish to not receive communication from us.

    Address: 8 The Green Suite #7875 Dover, DE 19901, United States

    Do I need users’ manual for Gadikat products?

    All our products are fairly straightforward. Each of our product page contains images that display various ways our bag can be carried and how it hangs on to stroller.

    All Gadikat bags are ready assemble and ready to go when it arrives. Sometimes all you need to do is just clip on the shoulder/back strap to the bag.

    How much can a Gadikat bag carry?

    Our bags ranges from everyday size to large making mom’s outing a delight on every occasion. All our bags are designed to have a large main compartment along with various pouches/pockets to carry and organize all the essential for both parent and baby. All bags comes with stroller straps too.

    We have summarized the various size bag for you below.

    Avery shoulder/handbag (everyday sized): It is a medium sized bag that still provide ample space to hold enough items for any outing without feeling the bulkiness. Plenty of side pockets available for organizing mom’s belongings.

    Taylor Tote (large): The largest hand bag we make that can easily hold more than enough items for a day out with 2-3 children while also comfortably hold mom’s belongings in organized manners.

    Dani Backpack (large): The backpack offers a huge main compartment (with separable double deck divider) that can carry a lot. A full day out with 2-3 children’s can be surely covered. The bottom deck can be used to store shoes or soiled clothes on your way back home.

    Can a Gadikat bag hang on all strollers?

    All our handbags are designed with built-in stroller straps to be attached to any full-sized stroller models. For double stroller with far apart handbags, you may use the cross shoulder strap to hang the bag. Our backpack can be also hung onto any stroller with the clip-on back straps.

    Are Gadikat products safe for my babies?

    The fabric we use to make all our bags are free from any harmful chemicals. We are absolutely adamant on making products that are safe to use around babies. However, while our products are safe or babies and exceed safety standards, it is not made with intent to hold food directly for babies.

    Can I sell Gadikat products in my store?

    We are more than happy work with retailers with the best deal possible. If you’re a retailer and would like information on carrying Gadikat products in your store, please email us at